How will AI impact the Job market?


AI will not have a net negative impact on jobs within our entire working lives(this applies to everybody reading this around 2019 even if you haven't started working yet).I know this is a bold statement but just here me out. AI and robots are going to replace more and more traditional human jobs but along with that they create millions more high skill jobs. This could be to build,design and maintain the AI/robot or it could be to classify real word training data so the AI will learn from it. It will take deacdes for AI and Robots to have a net negative imapct on jobs and if you're wondering what will humans do ton earn money when robots have taken over all jobs remember that Humans invented the concept of money and jobs so there is no reason why we cant invent another way to exchange and trade with each other to maintain our high tech society.If this is a topic which intrests you please fell free to read my other page on alternatives to work.

Real world examples

Most jobs like physical labour will still exist even if the humans aren't the ones doing the heavy lifting because an AI powered robot is. Because people will still have to: design,clean,maintain,update and diagnose the machines and the AI which run them. Lets take an example of Masonry(Bricklaying). Meet SAM (Semi - Automated Mason). SAM can lay breaks upto 3X faster than humans(which equates to over 1000 breaks an hour per robot), doesn't reequire a wage and costs the same as a Supercar (200-500k) yet construction workers aren't and won't be worried about their current job secuirity for another few years. This is because SAM is big clunky machine that can pretty much just lay bricks in a straight line upto a certain hieght. Morover people are still required to feed te robot bricks and cement as well as tmaintain and clean the robot. So on work sites with SAM on actually have more or the same amount of workers on depending on if any of the masons wanted to get qualified as SAM technichian. SAM just allows construction to happen quicker and aids the masons so they can work on more complex brickwork. This is fundamentally what this technology is about : Helping Humans not creating a hostile takeover.

Historical Case study

Okay you've found one example which just about works now. How about an example which has worked over a long period of time where jobs haven't decreased. Okay what about when the ATM was introduced in America people thought as Tellers had been replaced by machines there would be less jobs for them. However, now there are more jobs for tellers than ever before. This is because the ATMs made opening branches cheaper. This is because of CAPITALISM, No company is ever satisfied with what they have so they go and acquire more. This means that the Banks just opened up more Branches and had to hire more people to run them. This means that the net amount of tellers and bank workers go up over time.