How will AI impact the Job market?


Okay so imagine this, you are in the future and Jobs are rapidly replaced by humans - what on earth are we going todo. Well some jobs are exclusive to humans like nursing (because it needs that human touch) or being a Landlord (the money has to belong to someone and robots can't open bank accounts) or even creativity - that robot written article wasn't great even with the human input required Grammar correction tool : Grammarly and robot created music or art is just immitations of human art. It doesn't create new trends,art forms or designs it just coppies everything else. Oxford University researches said 47% of jobs will eventually be sucseptable to automation which is a huge number. However this is a good thing because it means that in the future 47% people will be able to live happy,prosperous lives without working. Wait how?

Real world examples

The answer is Universal Basic Income(UBI). Universal Basic Income is when the goverment pays everybody an unconditional flat salary if they are above the age of 18. American Democrat Andrew Yang is proposing this in America for the 2020 elections and globally he is far from the only one as this map shows UBI pilots have been planeed and excecuted around the world and nothing like loosing jobs will rally humans around a solutions. But politicians won't agree on the solution will they? What you have to remember is politicians are humans like you and me and at the end of their term they will have to step out jobless and hopless as they won't get re-elected if the majority of people are unhappy as either them or their freinds and family are jobless and maybe ven homeless if it even takes that long to deploy UBI. But what will find UBI, higher taxes? Well unfortunately yes. With current goverment taxes around 4,217? can be afforded per person in the UK. This is because with UBI Social Secuirity and Pensions aren't needed as everybody will get a living wage any way so the hundreds of billions of punds we spend on them can go torwards funding them and unfortunately this will mean higher VAT not income tax as only the 53% of people working will have to pay this and it would be unfair.